Business Primer

Northport Investment Management Business Primer*  


- John  M. Grib, President, holds the Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner™ designations and has over thirty-five years of investment management experience with large banks, brokerage firms and trust companies in the Philadelphia Area, managing personal/retirement  accounts, family trusts, endowment and institutional accounts. 


- Unbiased investment advice.  Absolute client focus.  No proprietary products.  No conflicts of interest.  Investment program tailored to each individual  client’s unique circumstances/objectives/risk tolerance.

  - High touch, personalized service.  Always accessible.  

  - Additional value-added direction and financial guidance as part of a holistic     relationship including: financial, retirement and estate planning/     budgeting/investment education. 


  - Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of  Banking and Securities (DoBS).  100% fee-only compensation, no commissions.

   - In-house colleague Arthur L. Schiel, Principal of Avalon Financial Management, has over forty-five years of investment management experience with over twenty- five years as an independent financial adviser. 

  - Assets are held independently at Charles Schwab Institutional and are subject to independent audit. Charles  Schwab custodies over $3.3 trillion (2017) of assets, of which over $1.3 trillion are held in custody for independent investment advisers like  Northport  Investment Management.  SIPC® insurance plus extra account protection.  Low transaction costs. 

 - Typical investments include: individual bonds, individual stocks, no-load, low-cost  mutual funds and exchange traded funds.  Bond portfolios are managed for income, stressing safety and yield.  Equity portfolios are managed for total return, stressing  quality and dividend income.  Portfolios are tailored to individual client risk  tolerances. 

- Clients  receive comprehensive monthly account statement(s) from Charles Schwab  Institutional which include cost basis of securities held.  On-line access is available.

 - Clients receive comprehensive, in-depth, quarterly reports from Northport     Investment Management software.  These reports include performance reporting detail, providing the  time-weighted total return of the portfolio vs. various appropriate benchmarks. 

- Management fees are charged quarterly, in arrears, and can be automatically deducted from the  account(s).    

  • *See Northport Investment Management Form ADV Part 2A for more details.   

Northport Business Primer (pdf)